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Art Director


Leif Trulson


When Leif Trulson, a chef with rich Scandinavian roots, embarked on sharing his favorite fusion creations with his New York community he knew he needed to establish a unique brand that paired perfectly with his distinctive cuisine. Trulson's dishes combine American culinary influence with Scandinavian traditions. Working closely with Trulson, I created a branding system for him that would align with his unique combination of cultures. A few months later, Quail & Fig was born.

QF Overview
Image of the top portion of the Quail and Fig homepage within a browser window.


Image of the Quail and Fig emblem logo.

As Trulson built out his restaurant location in New York, he reached out to me to help him define and develop his brand. He wanted a brand that would convey the unique dining experience he would be serving up for his customers. The brand's aesthetic needed to capture a contemporary American fine-dining tone while retaining a rich Scandinavian identity.

QF Challenge


Image of the color swatches that make up the Quail and Fig brand palatte.


Image of the Quail and Fig word mark logo.


Image of the Quail and Fig emblem logo.


Image of the Quail and Fig monogram logo

A deep dive into researching high-end American dining culture and Scandinavian history helped develop the brand's color palette. The color palette combines rich earthy tones with stark traditional hues. The logo's design includes a wordmark, an emblem, and a monogram. These variations allow for the utmost flexibility across the print and digital brand collateral. Each logo variation incorporates contemporary typography and nods to traditional Scandinavian lettering. All the brand elements collectively help build the look and tone of an elegantly modern American brand that pays homage to its Scandinavian roots.

QF Results


Image of a man cutting pasta dough.
Image of a jar of jam.
Image of a plated shirmp dinner with red wine.
Image of a woman's hand pouring syrup on green tea ice cream.


Image of the primary and secondary fonts used in the Quail and Fig brand identity.
Image of the front and back design of the Quail and Fig business card.
Image of the Quail and Fig letterhead and gift certificate.
Image of the Quail and Fig brunch menu.
Image of the Quail and Fig Cocktail menu.
Image of Quail and Fig's evening menus.
Image of the Quail and Fig building sign.


Image of the desktop version of the Quail and Fig homepage.
Image of the mobile version of the Quail and Fig homepage.
Image of the Quail and Fig Reservation page on a mobile device.
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